Should I Renovate?

When you're ready to sell your home the last thing you want to do is to start renovations. It's completely normal to be ready to sell and to just want to cut it and run. This is exactly why  companies formed to give you lowball cash offers that require you do nothing but turn over the keys. But it comes at a cost.

When you press the easy button you always give up a lot of money. Most people want to get the most money they can when selling their house. To do that you need to do a few things. You need to make your home look great and you need to price it right. If the goal is to make the most money possible you'll need make it as nice or nicer than any other home that's sold recently around you and still price it right. No matter what a perfect, move in ready home will sell for more, faster. In every market this is the case!

The question of this blog is still unanswered. Should you renovate or not? As with most questions the answers is, "it depends". Money is not as much of an issue as you would think because of programs like Keller Offers' Ready to Sell program that will pay for your renovation up front, allowing you to pay it back when the home sells. The bigger factor is time, if you have the time to renovate the home before you sell then I believe you should. No time and you have to sell asap? That would be the only time I wouldn't recommend it, with the caveat that it still pays to make sure any small issues are fixed, the house is extremely clean and the property is properly staged. There will always be work to be done to sell, it will always be inconvenient, it will always pay off!

Of course, always consult a real estate professional like our team here at The Moorhead Team to determine what's worth doing before you start renovations. You certainly don't want to spend money that you won't get back. But no matter what ensure that your home is priced right, presents well and is the cleanest it's ever been!

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