Protest Your Taxes for a Better Home Sale

The most important thing to a buyer is whether or not they love your home and are so excited to move into it! 

A close second for many buyers is the payment and a big part of the payment is going to be property taxes here in Texas. While buyers can buy down the interest rate on their mortgage they can't do anything about property taxes until they own the home.

That's where you can help buyers when selling your home. It's also important to remember that lots of buyers don't know they can protest or aren't confident they can get the taxes down to an amount that makes them comfortable. If you can have this already done for them it's the same as fixing up your home before selling. They get to see the finished product and don't have to figure it out for themselves.

Don't underestimate how competitive lower taxes can make your home look here in Texas. I write this from personal experience. It won't attract more people to see your home, you need to do that by pricing it right and making it look great. But, it will help them justify a more aggressive offer when they see how attractive their payment will be compared to other homes in this price range.

You may be asking, won't they see a lower tax assessed value and think my home is worth less? If they have a competent agent who can show them sales comps of similar homes, which everyone of them can they'll see that you're priced right and are just proactive about protesting taxes which will give them even more piece of mind about you as a seller!

Remember, you need to protest your taxes every year and this shouldn't be a last minute thing as those who protest more often generally end up with lower property taxes!

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