Austin's Real Estate Investing Team

We love investing in Real Estate in Austin!

Everyone on our team here invests in real estate, we've all found ways to find cashflowing real estate and done renovations to add value. We've actually done most of it on the MLS too!

All of us have gotten our start by househacking, which is buying a property and renting out space you don't use. Many of our agents are still househacking and have done several at this time. We believe in the power of real estate to build wealth and pursue financial freedom and continue to invest!

All of our agents also started as investors first and then later got their real estate license because of their passion for real estate and helping others! We believe this gives us an advantage over other agents because we understand real estate on a fundamental level and also know what it's like to buy real estate using an agent. This allowed us to use what was done well and improve on the systems to deliver a great experience by knowledgeable agents who understand investing.

We strive to be the go to investment Realtors here in the Austin area and we'd love to help you too!

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